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Please complete this form and submit electronically any supporting documentation of the proposed modification(s).  

Approval or disapproval notice will be given with the guidelines established in the current Guidelines.

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By submitting this Design Review Request Form and electronically signing by entering my name in the box below, I understand that I must receive approval from the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) in order to proceed. I understand that ARC approval does not constitute approval of the local building department and that I may be required to obtain a building permit. I agree to follow all Town of Superior and Boulder County guidelines and requirements.  I agree to complete improvements promptly after receiving approval. I understand that my improvements must be completed per approved specifications or ARC approval is withdrawn.  I also understand that I shall maintain proper slope and drainage when installing landscape or building improvements.
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Please remember to get any permits that may be required for your improvement from the City/County before construction begins.

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